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6 Things I have ALWAYS wanted.

So, it's my birthday coming up and loads of people have been asking me "what would you like?". I never really know what to say. I mean I don't want to just fire back with a specific thing because that would seem greedy so I always end up saying something like "Oh, gosh, no, no it's ok". I don't know why I say this! I love presents! I love birthdays, I'm crazy about birthdays! I think I'm just too polite. Anyway I decided I would sit down and have a little think about stuff I've always wanted; and here it is.

I have ALWAYS wanted a big bunch of helium balloons. I mean flowers are good but a huge bunch of colourful helium balloons would just be the coolest thing in the world.
I live in a pretty cold, wet country and yellow is my favourite colour in the whole world. It kind of fits therefore that my dream coat is a yellow mac. I think they're just really cool.
Champagne saucers. They're pretty glamorous. I really like them but quite frankly I don't think I'm in much of a position where I need them. I mean we only have two wine glasses in the house. And we only have three bowls despite the fact there are five people so perhaps there are things we should focus on before champagne saucers.
Despite the fact I spend most of my day in pyjamas, I do really love glamorous things. I am certain that the source of this love is my mum. She's the most glamorous lady I know. I remember when I was a kid just admiring all her beautiful clothes and all these beautiful things in hat boxes. One of the items I coveted more than anything was her set of marabou slippers. I remember I said I wanted them so much and she said it was something you have when you're a grown up. I get that, they're pretty sexy as far as shoes go. But I think the reason I love them is they represent that fact that I'm older now and I've grown into the age that that little tiny kid imagined herself being one day.
This lady once got flowers sent to her down the road. The type of flowers where the postman strains under them and you have to sign for them and clutch a hand to the chest and go "oh for me!?". EVERYONE hated that girl! There is no situation that merits more girl-jealousy than someone else getting flowers delivered. I don't know why the delivery thing makes such a difference. Maybe it's because it could be from a secret admirer. Maybe it's because someone has thought about you without even being with you. Maybe it's because it alludes to being a glamorous starlet and being sent flowers backstage...but the stage is life! Am I thinking to much into this? Yeah maybe.
I love repetto so much. I totally live in flats. I think I own one pair of heels and I think I've worn them once but I really cannot remember doing so. I am just absolutely no good at walking in heels; a childhood of ballet training gave me the ability to walk in flats or on my toes and anything in between is just far too difficult. Because I live in them, I am permanently on the search for the perfect pair of ballet flats. I just know repetto are those perfect pair. They come in every colour of the rainbow and are so expensive that they simply MUST be amazing quality, right!? I will get some one day. I have to. In black. Or red. Hmm.


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