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Super Happy Mondays 9

It' true guys! I'm almost ready for the Christmas rush! Today a massive shipment of ukuleles arrived at my door. The printers have finished their runs and my packaging orders have all been placed. Soon my very first Christmas in business will begin and I cannot explain just how excited I am! I'm excited now anyway...I'm sure in a couple of days I will be tearing my hair out but you know, for now I'm cool with it. If anyone wants to check out this Christmas' ukulele prints you can find me on etsy here, and Not on the Highstreet here.  Oh and it's going to be really busy so over the Christmas period I will not be excepting any custom orders; HOWEVER if you email me in the next couple of weeks I'm sure I can squeeze you in.

I have some really cool posts to share with you  guys this week! I have a couple of DIYs I'm really excited about and then a cool new series starting about how to blog on a tablet. I cannot wait to share!
 A beautiful mess can do no wrong, non? Their styling is always impeccable but oh my goodness this just totally captured me. If I could choose a drink that summed up how I feel when I'm happy- this would be it.
 I love Ikea hacks- as I'm sure you guys know!- and this one totally captured me! I love how it looks!!!! I've been trying to think of which wall I can cover in beautifully colourful hooks ever since it popped up on my pinterest.
 I miss my kittens. Just. So. So. Much. And so the minute I get home for the Christmas holibobs I am going to spoil them rotten. That may or may not include me buying them this bed. If ANYONE knows where I can get this please tell me. I've tried to find out but my Japanese is seriously rusty. :(
 Talking of kittens, this hat is too adorable. I love all of twinkie chan's works. Check them out now and make your day a thousand times cuter!
Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? Yes? No? I'm not sure. I think maybe blogging sways things a little because you start thinking about holiday content around the September mark. Anyway, I adore this Calendar by Luloveshandmade. That may just be because I have a total blogger crush on Lu though, shhh!


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