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Super Happy Mondays 8

Today I am super happy. The party was a success and I think I shall be sharing photos with you tomorrow. But as well as happy I am utterly tired! Decorating is tiring! Parties are tiring! Clear ups are tiring! Phew. Just phew. But there is no time for moping around because this week I have to pull everything together in time for Christmas ukulele sales. It's a little bit of hard work for what will totally be a huge pay off. That's what I keep telling myself anyway! So without further ado; here are the things that made me happy.
This. To be honest at first I just saw the image and it made me happy because it looked super pretty but then I clicked through for the source and got totally sucked into Marigold's response to the (now infamous) Martha Stewart blogger comment. Taking a quick tangent to discuss the Martha Stewart thing- I'm not quite sure what she means. Of course I respect Martha Stewart for the business empire she has built herself and her creativity but at the same time I cannot help feeling that she is really missing the point. She argued that bloggers have less of a right to have their content respected due to the fact they are not trained. But surely in a visual medium such as craft blogging the end result (as in the content) is what the training should lead to. Therefore if a blogger is reaching the same heights without training then surely the training is utterly unimportant? I dunno, just my two cents.
If someone could find me the original source for this I would be ever so grateful. I love it and I want it.
This graphic by Stephen Wildish makes me happy. Go and see more of his stuff here. I promise you it's awesome.
I love this dress so so so much but sadly it is out of stock. Luckily though, everything by Bonne Chance Collection is awesome.
How amazing are these sugar creations by Andie's Speciality Sweets on etsy. They are exquisitely beautiful and so detailed. Click on through and spend ten minutes oggling.


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