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Super Happy Mondays 6

Hey all. I wanted to thank you all for your really thoughtful and wonderful comments you left on my post about long distance relationships. It really does feel so good to know that people have been through this and come out the other side, so thank you so much. This week is set to be an exciting one!

Today I finally settled on a printer and got a load of new vinyls printed for the ukulele workshop. Having a vinyl finish to my ukuleles feels super professional and exciting. Every time something happens for the Ukulele Workshop I get so excited! It's so fun to see something you've started grow. So yeah, basically, eeeee!!!

My other task this week is to start making all the decorations for a big party me and George are having in two weeks time! Basically it's going to be our 5 year anniversary. Most people when theyve been going out this long would be looking at moving in or getting engaged, but because we're still pretty young that doesn't seem too likely for a while. SO! We are having a big wedding party instead. It'll be all wedding but without the actual getting wed bit. How cool is that!? We have a best man, we have big flowers, I have a wedding dress (CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW YOU!). We will be sharing in early November, but right now it is all steam ahead on the decoration side of things!
I wanted to share this photo- 1. Because it is a really beautiful calming photo and 2. because it's the guide we're using for our wedding party colours.
I've also started thinking about my birthday this week. I think this may have to be the first thing on my list. Check out BangBangCrash's whole shop, by the way. I've been a super fan of their stuff for ever.
Talking about my birthday. This. Just this.
I thought my Paris thirst was suppressed this year, but after seeing this picture I have absent-mindedly found myself googling cheap flights. Hmm.
Lastly, who know Ernest Hemingway was so gorgeous!?


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