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Super Happy Monday 7

Hey guys. You know how these posts are always really prompt and professional looking and start with an interesting quote, beautifully expressed with mad graphic design skills? NOT TODAY! Today Super Happy Mondays just happens to have morphed into Super Happy Tuesdays due to extreme sleepiness and instead of a beautiful picture to reflect on you have a photo of me eating a roast. Why? Because it makes me so happy! The fact that every other weekend I can go and see all my friends in Durham and we can eat a roast together is just the acest of the ace. Anyway, on with my week.

We have the party this weekend and I am super pumped. There are paper flowers and balloons and people everywhere, I can't wait to show you! Eeeee! I still don't know how to do my hair though, which is probably quite a big thing I should have sorted out. I'm thinking up in someway and involving flowers somehow but apart from that, I am stumped. If anyone has any good links I would be really really grateful.
 I want Halloween to hurry up so I can buy a pumpkin. I am fully aware that if I buy a pumpkin now, by the time it is Halloween it will be gross and weird but I still really want one. Pinterest is making me jealous.

over the next couple of weeks I have a really cool little mini series coming up. I've been thinking a lot lately about my blogging kit and how it's not very portable. I have to lug my big laptop around and my camera and \a tonne of leads and cables and so on. And so I've been on a mission to reduce my kit and see just how streamlined I can get blogging without compromising my schedule and the style I already have in place. In the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing how to blog using tablets and apps. Very exciting! Anyway, these amazing tablet cases caught my eye. I think I may have to invest.
 This guy made me smile. We have a lot in common.
 I cannot explain how much the above image interests me. It is extremely odd. It is a book called the Codex Seraphinianus, written by Luigi Serafini. This crazy book is written in an entirely unintelligible, but extremely beautiful looking language and is essentially an encyclopedia for a made up and insane world. I find it so interesting! You can read more about it here or see some really beautiful images here.

And lastly, how beautiful are these cookies. One of my little aims this year is to get really good at royal icing because I just love the clean effect it has. I'm doing ok but I have absolutely nothing on these
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