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Our Anniversary Party

First of all I'm going to warn you. This is a long post. And now another warning. I love decorating for parties but sadly parties and tripods just don't seem to go together and so these photos are not super crisp and they're not super clear. I was slightly regretting that I hadn't taken more photos but then after flicking through the various instagrams and facebook photos my friends were uploading I noticed that these slightly fuzzy, warm photos filled with singing, dancing people communicated so much better than crisp super-pinnable images. So there. These photos will not be exquisite but I think they are beautiful.
So for you guys who haven't been following the planning stages of this party, let me explain. Me and George have been going out for five years this year. FIVE YEARS, YOU GUYS! It seemed like such a long time and so it seemed odd not to honour it in a huge way. Now, most people if they've been going out for five years would be getting engaged or living together but because we are still quite young we realised that we still had a good few years before this was going to happen. And so. We decided to have a wedding themed party but without the wedding. Does it make sense? No not really. But it did to us and we wanted share something with all our lovely lovely friends.
So! Decorations. We wanted to go for the whole wedding flowers thing but a little bit mental. I made some giant flowers out of A3 card and weighted them down with plastic bottles at the base. We then covered the ceiling with massive 3ft balloons, clear and white normal balloons and fairy lights. I think the ceiling was possibly my favourite bit. It looked so pretty and magical. Also those giant balloons are the coolest thing in the whole entire world. We are now using them as foot stools in the lounge.  Actually maybe the flowers are my favourite. I still can't bare to disassemble them.
I think one of the most special things was that all our friends got to meet. It is so weird adoring two groups of people totally exclusively and so seeing them all together in one room dancing and chatting just made me so happy. I can't wait to have more nights all together!
And now for our absolute crowning glory. We have this big cupboard off the lounge and for the party we decided to turn it into a photobooth. If you in any way have the option to do this then do it! The photos we ended up with were the most hilarious and wonderful things. It was so cool to all snuggle up the next morning and browse through them all. We did it by putting a camera (which could go onto standby when not being used) on a tripod at one end of the cupboard and then taping a wireless remote to the wall nearby where people stood. This meant all they had to do we press the button and TADA! Beautiful photos!

I hope you like the look of our party. I cannot possibly communicate through fuzzy photos or garbled words just how happy this party made me- but I hope it comes across in some way. Oh and you will see in a couple of photos I am wearing a crown. I can assure you that this was not my plan. Apparently at some point during the night after much champagne I demanded that someone bring me my dressing up crown and then proceeded to wear it the entire night and refused to let anyone else wear it. I remember none of this!

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