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My room tour (finally!)

So I've been trailering it forever and I am finally ready to give you a tour of my new room. It's not finished exactly- there are still little things I want to tweak and change- but I thought it was finished enough to give you guys a look since I am mega proud of it. All furniture was bought from Ikea and then altered in some way, in case you're wondering. SO GET READY! There is a tonne of pictures waiting for you!
So this is my bed area. You can probably see it best in the first picture. My bed is a Svelvik from Ikea which I then spray painted yellow and in the process nearly gassed myself. It is the most beautiful sunny bed ever- I love waking up to yellow; it really puts you in a good mood. Beside my bed I then made myself a beside table by chopping up a Lack table and various other bits of wood- I felt I needed to make something because there's such a weird angle there because of the windows that I know I wouldn't find anything to fit.

Beside my bed I have this amazing stove. It's just the most beautiful colour and I think really mellows the room. The other fireplaces in the house (wow, so weird I can say that!) are mostly really neutral colours so I'm chuffed that mine brings a little bit of contrast to my mainly-white room. Since the room is pretty massive I thought it needed to be broken up a little bit with a rug and so I chose this brightly coloured number from Ikea. It was originally in their Summer collection so I was really gutted when I finally got round to buying it and saw that all the summer stuff had been removed. AND THEN! Yesterday I went to Ikea and I found one curled up underneath another rug! Success!!! But I must admit that trip ended badly- my character traits of wanting-everything-now and being extremely over-ambitious collided horribly and resulted in me carrying this rug home rather than getting it delivered. Three minutes into the long trek home (when we hadn't even left the car park) I regretted it. We then had to take a bus and I put it at the front where it managed to slip out of sight and so I spent the whole journey convinced it had been stolen. I then had to lug it up three flights of stairs. So... yeah. A lot of rug drama. So worth it though.
At the end of my bed there is my little organisation area. This is where my whiteboard is but also also my lovely bench; I used an expedit which I then cut down to fit to size. At the moment my bench is where I store all my ukulele stuff, but the plan is eventually to have a separate desk in the big empty corner that I'm not showing you because it's big and empty.
So this is my Pièce de résistance. I am so completely proud with this unit. Me and George built it entirely out of Expedit pieces and then cut bits down and screwed bits together. I love it. It is the culmination of my crafty skills and I think it really makes the room. I also learnt sooooo much through doing this. I know know so much about different types of screws, different wall plugs, how walls are put together; it was such an education! 

There are basically three sections to it. On the left is my desk area; it's pretty boring. It houses my printed and my paper and my work books. Then at the end of the desk is my little sewing caddy. This fits my sewing machine, my cotton rack and my fabrics, as well as all my buttons and things. 
Then on the right there is a section which holds all of my other miscellaneous stuff as well as my dressing room mirror! This is probably the bit which will change the most eventually. The plan is to put sliding drawers where the two white bins are, and they can hold all my tights and jewelry and so on. I also really need to decorate those bins because there is waaaay too much white there. Oh and I'm going to paint my step ladder bright pink (my step ladder doubles up as a seat for my dressing table). 
Then in the middle of the two expedit units I have all of my clothes! Aren't they beautiful!? I just love it when clothes are on display, so I think this is the part which makes me most happy. It was an absolute pig to build though! We bought the rails, which the aim to attach brackets to the walls and then to thread the poles through the brackets. When we drilled our first hole into the wall we realised there was no way the brackets would hold any weight and they would just rip out of the wall. It was a nightmare! My whole design had been built around this so I was pretty gutted. We then had to reinforce all of the units to the wall and then try attaching the poles between the two. It was sooooo tense and we had no idea if it was going to hold but it seems to work perfectly! Phew.

So that is my room. I hope you like it! I, for one, am mega chuffed.

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