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DIY White Board Calendar

I am such an organisation freak. I mean you'd never know it from looking at my room but seriously; lists, organisers, boards- they rock my world. When I did this post I shared how much I love Lucy Feagin's organiser so I set out to create my own. Isn't it fab? Oh also are those mini washi tapes not the cutest thing in the whole entire world?!

You will need:
A big whiteboard
A ruler
An xacto knife
A pencil
Washi Tape
Dry Erase Markers
Post its for organisation
1. Make sure your whiteboard is clean and ready to go.
2. Measure out your intervals for your board. You will need at least 6 horizontal rows with a small row at the  top for your days of the week. You will then need at least 7 columns but I added a large column at the end for to do lists and extra notes.
3. Measure out your lines and mark on lightly with a pencil.
4. Add your vertical lines on first making sure you don't have any air bubbles.
5. Add your horizontal lines.
6. I added a different colour for my small row.
7. Using your xacto knife trim the excess off your masking tape.
8. Decorate with mini post its!

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