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DIY Spooky Halloween Glasses

I loooooove Halloween. But it is one of those holidays that does always kind of sneak up on me. I always find myself the weekend before suddenly going "WAIT, WHAT???" and then ending up working so much on a costume that I have no decorations. BUT this year I am determined to be prepared, which is why I am sharing really easy and quick DIYs for you to get you into the spooky spirit.

First up, this mega easy way to decorate tumblers with sticky back vinyl. They look so festive and they peel right off! Perfect!

You will need:
Some glasses
Some black vinyl stickers
A pen
Food colouring and milk
1. Cut a piece of vinyl to the size you want your face to fill and place inside the glass to check for size.
2. Draw the design on the back. Remember if you're doing any writing to flip it.
3. Carefully cut out your design.
4. Stick your vinyls onto your glass.
5. Now fill with milk...
6...and add food colouring of the appropriate colour!

How easy was that!? Stay tuned for more super easy Halloween DIYS!

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