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DIY Spider Web Cocktail Umbrellas

Big, shiny, garish Halloween decorations are soooo easy to find in shops but I've noticed that subtle nods to Halloween don't really exist. We're planning a little drinks party for Halloween and so we needed something vaguely grown up and basically not a giant light-up skeleton. I had a bit of an experiment with different materials and so discovered how easy cocktail umbrellas are to accessorise! Give them a go for a little bit of spooky chic!

You will need:
A cocktail umbrella- the cheaper the better! Cheaper means poorer glue which means the paper should just peel off.
Black paper
White paper
A pen
A Ruler
Xacto Knife
A black sharpie
1. Gently pull the paper part off the cocktail umbrella.
2. Before entirely pulling off, mark where the spokes of your umbrella meets the paper.
3. Now entirely pull off the paper and you will have two different pieces like this.
4. Draw around your circle and mark on your spoke points and the centre.
5. With a ruler draw on the lines from the points to the centre.
6. Mark on two more points on the lines where the web with join up.
7. Now draw curved points between.
8. Carefully cut out your webs to create a template.
9. Cut the same webs out of black paper.
10. Colour the spokes of your umbrella with a sharpie.
11. Now glue your web parts onto the spokes.
12. Continue until you are done!

I dunno about you guys but my head is swimming with different cocktail umbrella ideas! Hmm!

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