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DIY Giant Waffle Cone Candycorns

Candycorn may be a little bit of an American-centric thing but it really does sum up Halloween for me. I have so many childhood memories of suddenly seeing these little bright candies appear in the shops and just getting so excited! These days I still can't find any in the UK so I have to buy it online. But oh well, I suppose it just makes me savour it a little more. Anyway, on with the DIY! How about a giant candy corn to hold even more candy corn? Sound good? Thought so.

You will need:
Waffle cones
White chocolate
Yellow and orange food colouring
A sharp knife
A small bowl with warm water in
Digestive biscuits
A cookie cutter the size of the base of your waffle cone.
A butter knife
Bowls for dipping
1. First of all you will need to level off your waffle cone because they are often diagonally cut. Dip the diagonal end of your waffle cone into a bowl of warm water to soften it up. Then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften it further.
2. Now using a knife shave off the part of the cone which is now soft to get a flat base.
3. Cut a digestive biscuit using your cookie cutter. It is a little bit easier to cut if you wet the cutter and twist rather than pushing down.
4. Fill your cone with candy corn.
5. Melt some white chocolate and spread over the digestive biscuit.
6. Press the cone onto the white chocolate and wait for it to dry a little.
7. Now coat the base with a little more white chocolate just to seal it in.
8. Melt a little more white chocolate and colour it yellow. Dip your cone into into the bowl up to a third.
9. Dip the top third into uncoloured white chocolate and put them both into the fridge to set.
10. If there are strokes in the white chocolate that you want to smooth out then heat up a spoon and simply spread over the chocolate.
11. Using a spoon, cover the middle with white chocolate that has been coloured orange.
12. Take a knife and spread the orange chocolate. Leave to set in the fridge.

These little babies are so fun to open up! It's like a little personal-edible-pinata! Hurrah!

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