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DIY Cat Ear Hairstyle

Last weekend we had a little halloween party. All of the flat went as characters from Alice in wonderland and I dressed up as the Cheshire Cat. I love doing pretty normal clothes where you don't really need to buy anything more and then doing crazy hair and make up. In my book it is a winner. Anyway loads of people at the party were asking me how I did my hair and so I thought I would share it because it really isn't as hard as it looks.

You will need:
A hairbrush
Coloured Hairspray
Loads of hair pins
Some Cardboard
1. Start off with brushed hair. Sigh, not a good look.
2. Cut triangles out of cardboard to the size you want your ears to b.
3. Make some small holes in the cardboard and stick some hair pins through them.
4. Attach to your head.
5. Now pull a clump of hair that is in front of the cardboard and pull up so it covers the ears. Twist the hair at the top of the ear so it easily goes over the top.
6. Now secure with tonnes and tonnes hair pins!
7. Now if you're going to put your hair up do so now. I did a double chignon sort of thing.
8. And spraaaaay! Sigh I love coloured hair spray. I did pink for the main hair and then red stripes at the side and then black in the centre of the ears.
I should've got some better photos of my actual finished costume but alas I didn't. This fuzzy instagram picture will just have to do. Oh and if any of you are wondering what the weird cut on my forehead is...I curled my hair when I was drunk. End of story.

So there you have it. You have no excuse not to be a Cheshire Cat this year.

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