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Blogging on the move- Your Portable Blogging Kit

Welcome to a new little mini series! Blogging on the move. Basically blogging is something which I definitely think should be a portable thing; I mean there is nothing better than being able to blog while travelling or on holiday or simply fitting a blog post in while you are on a lunch break. However! I have never ever managed to make my blogging kit portable enough to blog on the move. Until now! I set myself a challenge tomake my kit  more portable-friendly and the lovely people at argos helped out with this series and provided me with some tech.

Today's post is all about hardware- what you need in your blogging toolkit.
The best way to make your blogging more portable is to reduce and downsize your hardware. As you can see my blogging kit before this week used to be my big 17" laptop, my massive camera, a notepad and some pens and general jotting down stuff. Naturally this stuff gets mega heavy and so requires a huuuuuge bag.

However! My new slimline stash centres around a tablet; an ipad mini more precisely. Essentially in an aim to reduce my kit I wanted something that was easy to write on, had a really attractive interface, was easy to make notes on and most importantly was light and portable. The ipad mini is pretty perfect for this; the size is a perfect in-between size; it's big enough that you could easily watch films on it but small enough that you can carry it with you.

I've included a camera as a sort of optional piece of my kit. It's useful on some trips, when really high quality photos are needed (and it those cases I also take a card converter) but in other cases I simply use apps and the ipad camera (more on this next week!).
One of the most important things to me was that I would be able to easily write. To be honest the writing aspect is probably the reason why I had never bought a tablet before; it just seemed like the whole typing on the screen thing was a little bit cumbersome. For this reason I got this keyboard AND I LOVE IT! Seriously, the ipad is a pretty nifty piece of tech but this keyboard just makes it. It's easy to type on (for girly hands anyway, George finds it pretty hard) and puts the ipad at a really ergonomic angle. It also doubles up as a cover for the screen and clips on magnetically. I know I'm probably gushing but I really like this keyboard!

So that's it for my hardware post. Essentially my tips are downsize, downsize, downsize! Get yourself a small tablet or notebook and then a small method of taking photos. I hope you like the look of this new series! I'm really excited about next week's post about apps. Also if there's any questions I can answer about blogging on the move please post them below and I'll do my best to answer them.

This post is written in collaboration with argos.co.uk. Thank you for supporting the sponsors which make Now That's Pretty even prettier!

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