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Thomas' Birthday

We have officially been living in the flat for a week now and in that week it was Thomas' birthday! Thomas is our wonderfully grounding, sensible, slightly grumpy and fantastic friend... so we were charged with the task of planning a little party for a guy who isn't that crazy about parties. Not easy.
Doesn't he look happy!? We filled the kitchen with helium balloons with sarcastic phrases ("Helium is a finite resource.") and Thomas quotes ("If I was allergic to this I would die.") and made him a snazzy cake. Thomas is also a huge fan of sandwiches and so we got a load of lovely breads, cheeses and meats and just had a little sandwich feast. It was awesome.
I also made some pizzas  for us. I love making personalised pizza; they're such a sweet way to make an event seem special. We simply bought some cheese pizzas and then decorated with ham, pepperoni, peppers and olives. I made a bike (it is a bike, I promise!) because Thomas loves biking and also a Norwegian flag because Thomas love his native country of Norway. I think it turned out pretty fab in the end, don't you think?

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