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The Populaire dress

Since you guys loved the Toucan dress I thought I would share some more of my dress creations with you. I recently saw Populaire; the cutest little French film about a girl who enters a speed typewriting competition. You can see the trailer here. I wholly recommend it because it is utterly adorable. It is set in the 1950s and so naturally the fashion is absolutely amazing; there is one dress I particularly loved (this one!) which is a dark blue number with a really elaborate white collar. I decided I wanted to make it show my love but I wasn't too fond of dark blue so went for this wonderful pattern. It turned out not to be too off with the general feel of the film as I think the colours are pretty perfect for a late 1950s vibe.
Another thing I love about the film is her nails. To teach her how to type properly she has a typewriter where the keys are painted according to which finger she should use to press it; she then paints her fingernails with the corresponding colour. I love it and so gave myself a bit of a Populaire manicure.
I also decided to try and make some removable collars for the first time. They aren't attached to the actual dress but simply fasten at the back with a hook and eye and then balance on your shoulders. They haven't slipped around at all though so I think I shall make more. Which is your favourite? I think the square suits my shape the dress the most but I have so much affection for the scallops!

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