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Super Happy Mondays 5

Hey all, has anyone else out there started uni this week? I started my second year last Monday and I've got to say folks, it's really hard. Last year was sort of fine, I mean sure there were a few teething problems but all in all I pretty much just hit the ground running. This year feels a little different. There's something about living in your own house, paying your own bills, doing your own shopping which is just totally feeling like I've  moved out of home. I missed my home and my pets, long distance came crashing back with deafening reality and the business suddenly felt like a lot harder work than it ever had before. It was hard guys. I mean really hard. The second half of the week was a little bit better; I shut the shop for a little rest, I got my laptop back and I sorted everything out. I took a deep breath and carried on and day by day everything is feeling a little bit more like home. This weekend my brother visited as well which was so great. It was so lovely to see him and get to show him everything. I have a feeling this week will be a little better. So what about you guys; is anyone else back and uni, how're you all coping?
 I cannot explain how much I love this little bags. I can't decide whether I love the fox, the raccoon or the beaver best.
How wonderful is this manicure? I adore people who dress like a cartoon and I love how this provides a real subtle way to do this.
I want a llama pin cushion. Full stop. Check out the tutorial by SmallGoodThings.
I adore these buttons. They are handmade by the wonderful Digits Designs. Her etsy site is well worth checking out; all her buttons are handmade and absolutely beautiful. 


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