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Super Happy Mondays 4

Wowee long time no post. I have reasons my friends. Oh btw I know a lot of people are not huge fans of the whole apologising-for-not-posting-thing and most of the time I agree with them, it's your blog your rules, right? But I just left and took a week long break without even telling you and that's plain rude so I'm sorry.

So, my reasons. The main reason is my laptop is getting fixed and so I have no way to edit or upload my own photos. It is ridiculously frustrating and taking way too long. I recently phoned up to check when it would be ready and was told in an exasperated voice "SOON, OK!?" eeek! Someone obviously loved their job. Secondly, we have finally moved into the new house for good! I has been a week long crash course in each other's characters and learning to do boring grown up stuff. Although I still do not quite understand why the coffee table has to be clear of embroidery thread I shall go along with it for the sake of peace (for now).

After a week long of just chilling around the house Monday is finally here. Like proper Monday. Today lectures, yoga classes and studying is back in session. Wish me luck folks, this term shall be a balancing act!
"@AllyEbdon: You loved the Toucan dress so here's my new sewing creation- Inspired by Populaire http://t.co/DgXBgmo81k" Bravo mademoiselle
— Populaire (@Populaire_film) September 7, 2013
How exciting is this!? The people behind Populaire retweeted my dress!
Aren't these little stamps the cutest!? I think they're from Luella but the link is broken. The pinterest link is here.
This tiny origami bear is just too dang adorable. I love him.
Thanks to Erica I have now discovered Punky Pins and my student loan is rolling its metaphorical eyes. I'm not really a jewellery person; I like outfits to have enough impact that they don't really need accessorising but when a piece of jewellery makes enough of a statement that it MAKES the outfit then I am on board. I love this zombie bracelet.
I cannot stop giggling at the photography series "Men-Ups" by Rion Sabean. Hilarious.
This photo just makes me really happy. I also want all the dresses. Can that happen please?
I love this idea because I am so damn miserable at cookies. They just turn out like bricks every time; I have absolutely no idea how people make those chewy delights.

Hopefully normally blogging will resolve soon, folks. See you then!


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