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Super Happy Mondays 3

I am loving this quote at the moment. I mean it is such good advice, don't you think? I often get asked by new bloggers how to be noticeable and I think my advice will always be that you have to just BE NOTICEABLE. I mean you can have the best regular blogging schedule and layout and everything but at the end of the day if you're not capturing your audience you're not going to be able to hold their attention. For me this advice has spread over into real life this week. It was very odd to be interviewed because I've never had that before and it was terrifying to know that I had to but to make a good impression. I really think it went well though and have been nervously pacing all weekend waiting for feedback. Eeek and all that. 

I have also been emailing lots of brands this week about working with the blog. I'm really excited to make lots of new content for next year and my plan is to work with craft suppliers rather than just random brands. That way I can fully recommend brands to you which are great, affordable and good quality. Good idea, oui?

I am typing this on Sunday as Monday is my last day at home. Tonight (Monday!) I catch a plane back to Edinburgh to begin my second year of studying. To say that I'm finding that hard to compute would be a little bit of an understatement. The concept is overwhelming with pros and cons. On one hand no-one likes going back to school; it can be pretty boring-snoring but I have a feeling I am going to have a hard decision to make in the next few months- the business looks like it may possibly turn into a full time job soon and it will be very hard to choose between that and Uni. I also have to deal with starting another year of long distance with George; I'll be writing a post soon about how we coped with our first year. It did get a lot easier but hey, it's not ideal is it? Basically the below image completely sums up how I am feeling about moving away. I saw the quote on Pinterest and it was one of those times when you just feel at one with some words; they completely explained how I was feeling at the time. Although I feel very blessed to have so many beautiful places and people I can call home it is difficult to know that they can never all collide at once. Does anyone else feel like this? I'm guessing it's quite a common feeling.
Anywho, I shall stop being all philosophical and show you all the pretty things I found this week.
I have a strange feeling that if the name of this blog changed to "Now That's Organised in Colour-Order" no one would notice. I am so excited to do this when I get up to Edinburgh. Today I was also genuinely excited to have some granola though so maybe I shouldn't be a judge of excitement.
I know I keep sharing felt creations with you but guys, they're just so damn sweet! These wonderful animals were created by The Lorem Ipsum Store and they are far too adorable. Check out the whole range!
Without exaggerating I have been wanting this dress for more than a year. I just think it's so beautiful. The colour, the shape, the pattern; everything. If it wasn't for the teeny tiny size I would snap it up in an instant.
I just love this picture. Just because.
Yet another example of me being extremely jealous of children. I just want this dress! This whole entire shop sells the most adorable Mexican embroidery. Check it out, it is sooooo lovely.
Lastly, as my birthday draws a tiny bit closer I've started thinking about the dress I'd like to wear for my party and think this is just about perfect. I just love yellow. I just love poofiness. I love it all.


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