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Super Happy Monday 2

I've had a few boring things I've needed to do for a while now. I have to do a load of banking stuff and change my phone contract and return some stuff. And then my computer broke so I have to return that and my screen on my phone got cracked and so on and so on. Whenever I found another boring thing which needed to be done I would just add it to the list and say I needed to do it on "Boring Monday". Well Boring Monday has come round and so all of today I had to pretend to be an adult as I worked out money and phones and contracts and BLLLLEEEEEEEEEEH. Ahh well at least I got it all out of the way. I can now go back to blowing bubbles and making dresses and my regular routine. 

This week is set to be a crazy busy one for me. After my day of responsibility, I have a very exciting meeting in London that I cannot wait to tell you about. It hasn't half made me anxious; I've never had a meeting before- I've been trying on outfits and practising serious faces. I've also been trying to learn figures off by heart and talk without singing random phrases randomly- so far it's almost working but "per capita" still comes out "PER CAPPPYTAH!". Must work on that. 

Before I share my happy finds of the week I must share an interview I did for cut out and keep's magazine 'Snippets' I wrote an article convincing all you readers to take up the ukulele and explained just how easy it is. It's so interesting for me to read this because I wrote this article a couple of months ago and it's just so crazy to think how much my little business has grown in that time. It is six months old this month but it's all starting to get very exciting!
How perfect are these pants!?!?! They also come in orange tabby and have matching little crop tops (the tops also have ears, of course!). Other amazing successes of this shop (Knickerocker!) are badger, fox and bear. I haven;t seen such a wonderfully original etsy shop for some time. I am in love. 
I am in love with this poster by Justina Blakeney! Konichiwhat's up might just be my favourite greeting ever. 
I have a 1920s themed party to go to this month and it's got me all in a tizz. I love dressing up, it is totally my thing but 1920s style just doesn't suit me in any way. I have a weird shape left over from dancing that just does not suit the whole straight down style of dressing. I'm hoping I can super embellish something, in the style of the dress above, so as to distract from that fact. 
 I found this little embroidery on pinterest and I just love it but I can't find the source anywhere! If someone knows the artist please give me a buzz because I am totally enamoured with it! I am very tempted to do something similar on a shirt for my dad. 
Although I haven't even had one day of work in my new workspace I'm beginning to think it might be a good idea to buy a second desk so I have a work space for uni and a work space for my ukuleles. I am completely pining over Lucy Feagins' calender


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