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DIY Record Mickey Mouse Ears

I'm sure you know how Disney obsessed I am and so this DIY should come as no shock. All this summer there have been wonderful headwear trends from Gatsby-inspired-1920s-beaded-wonders to fantastically-dreamy-floralcrowns. I wanted to make some Disney ears to top off this season of headwear but with a bit of a 1950s twist. Ok so these Mickey ears aren't that practical but they sure make you feel a million dollars!

You will need
Two Records (I used some 7inches)
6 Bulldog clips
Alice band
A bowl of  boiling water
An xacto knife
1. Submerge your record in you boiling water. This will soften up your vinyl and make it easier to cut.
2. Using your scissors cut a sliver off your record so you have a flat edge.
3. You should be left with something a bit like this.
4. Now lay your alice band over your records to judge the curve you need.
5. Draw around your alice band using the chalk.
6. Cut along the chalk line using the xacto knife.
7. Check the shape against the alice band.
8. Now thread your bulldog clips onto your band- I used three for each side.
9. Clip your records onto your band using the clips.
10. Now squeeze the handles of your bulldog clips together until they come out.
11. Remove all of the clips.
12. You will now have an adjustable pair of wicked mickey mouse ears!

I love them!


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