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DIY Paper Ball Garland

So I'm not quite ready to share a whole room tour yet but over the next couple of days I'm going to be sharing lots of little bit and pieces. Behind my bed there was a wooden door which lead to a really shallow shelve unit; it was essentially useless and I was never going to use it so I covered it with a white curtain. But then it all looked a little bit white so I had to brighten it all up. I love those colourful lights by La Case de cousin Paul and bought some last year but, seeing as the ceilings are sooo tall, I thought I might need something a little bit bigger. I thought I would make some for myself. You can put them over fairy lights or simply thread them on a string like I did. Aren't they pretty? I can't wait to share more of my room with you guys!

You will need:
Cups (to dry the balloons in)
PVA glue
Crepe Paper (I used those cheap party streamers)

1. Inflate your balloon to the desired size. Remember that the smaller you make your balloon the harder it is to make them perfectly round.
2. Coat your balloon with PVA.
3. Wrap the crepe streamers round and round the balloon stretching as you go.
4. After you have wrapped your balloon fully paint a layer of PVA over the crepe to make the finish smooth.
5. Now keep adding layers of paper and glue until you have about 4/5 layers. Let dry for 24 hours.
6. When you are certain your paper is dry, snip your balloon, let it deflate and pull it out.

Now make as many balls as you want on your string. You can either use a glue gun to secure the balls over fairy lights (ensuring only to glue the paper onto the plastic rather than to the bulb) or simply make a hole in the paper and thread onto a string.

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