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DIY Painted Espresso Mugs

So You may have gathered things are getting a little crazy round at chez Ebdon. Thank you for all of your well-wishes for my meeting yesterday; I cannot wait to share things with you (and possibly I will be able to within the week...very exciting!). Today I am sharing a little DIY I did for Erica and was shared on Monday. It's mega. mega, mega cute and is a fab way to pretty up plain ceramics you have. Basically after painting my kitten teacup I was just stalking around my house looking for little things to cute-ify and for some reason this little set of espresso cups just screamed tiny French couple to me. They got a make over and aren't they adorable for it.

You will need:
Ceramic cups- I bought these little espresso cups from Ikea for a few pounds!
Ceramic paints/ pens
A pencil
A paint brush
1. Take your cup, make sure it is completely clean and dry. 
2. With a pencil, draw on your design. 
3. Carefully go over your design with your pen working on outlines first. 
4. When your outline is dry, fill in the space. You will need two coats of the black to make it look nice and glossy. 
5. For the lips paint on using your paintbrush. I loaded up the brush with a lot of paint and then dabbed it on in little dots. 
6. To add a little blush to the cheeks get some paint on our paintbrush and then dab most of it off onto a tissue. Then slowly brush your paint brush to create a faint colour. 

Then follow the instructions to set the paint. Some require that you bake them but mine simply said you leave them for 3 days. Now they're perfect!


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