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August Round Up

I really will miss August. I know everyone says they don't know where the time is going but September really did sneak up on me this month. August was my total holiday month and I enjoyed every minute of it; we celebrated George's birthday like crazy and it was just great. We're yet to have a party because we're waiting until term time until everyone's together; he's decided he wants a 'Gods of the Pantheon' theme and so I think I shall spend the next month making giant cardboard pillars! I have a feeling September is going to be a very trying month and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to deal with everything that's planned. I start back at uni mid September and like many other bloggers I'm curious to see how my blogging schedule will fit in with my classes. On top of this I also have some very exciting developments with the ukulele workshop which I should be able to share at some point with you guys, I can't wait! I have a feeling it's going to be hard work guys, but bring it on!
We celebrated George's birthday dressed as lemurs and I shared the DIY of how to make his cake.
I made some unconventional merit badges and showed you how t make your own Giles Deacon dinosaur bag
I confided that I'm not great at relaxing and also shared how much (and why) I love taking videos
I made some stripey shoes and then made some laces for them. 
I shared a first look at the new house and what we're doing to it! And I shared how to make this sweet glass teacup
I shared my go to cute hairstyle and shared a papercutting photo album project. 

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