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The Cardcuff- a kickstarter project

Let me introduce you to a really wonderful new product- the Cardcuff! I have been so excited to share this and now I finally can. It is the brain child of my wonderful brother and it is so exciting to see it finally come to life (eeee!). Basically the card cuff is a bangle which has a section in it which can hold any credit card sized object. This means that they are absolutely perfect for swiping through the tube in London and great for contactless cards- HOW COOL IS THAT!? I've been trying one out for a while now and it is so fun to magically pass through barriers. Mwa hahaahaa
Of course, I'm pretty biased but this lil accessory can be mighty useful. It's great to cut down fumbling in bags for oyster cards and it's also really useful to store a fiver in there for if you need it. It also comes in a range of colours with a load of different stickers you can put down the middle to make your cuff suit you perfectly.  Basically we just love the product and we're really excited to see you fall in love with it too!
Oh also we went to London for the day and filmed a little advert! Check it out below (and meet the Ebdon siblings!)
The kickstarter project went up today and is already 1% funded (WOOOOHOOO!) we really need your help to make the Cardcuff a reality. If you have a blog, please feature us! If you have a twitter account please tweet about us! If you have pinterest please pin a picture of our gorgeous cuff! We need your help to get the word out there. Oh and of course, if you would like to help fund us go here, they're only £10!

Love you guys, let's prove how cool crowd funding can be!

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