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Super Happy Monday 1

So today I'm bringing back Super Happy Mondays! It was something I started way back when I first started and then for some reason I just felt the need to stop. I think maybe I hadn't quite found my niche yet and I thought that if I didn't totally know what I was about then maybe posting other people's content wasn't really helping me find that. So I stopped. But the thing is, I love browsing the internet! I do it alllllll the time and I'm always finding cool stuff that I'm just dying to show you. Also Super Happy Mondays gives more of an excuse to TALK to you guys without having to fit it in between all the how-tos and you-will-needs.

Which brings me onto my next topic; (haahaa, you thought you were just getting lovely happy pictures didn't you!? You have to read words first! WORDS!) I am aware that sometimes I don't thank this lovely little community enough. Last night I hosted a blogging chat and afterwards it prompted me to reminisce a little and scroll through old blog posts. I cannot explain how happy I was to re-read all your sweet comments and thoughts; it made me feel like a very lucky girl indeed. One of the most rewarding things (that I just didn't expect to get at all!) about blogging has definitely been the friendships. When someone comments or emails or tweets (I always reply on twitter, it's such an addiction) and then we become friends it just feels so special and I feel so lucky that this blog have allowed me to do that with you guys. So, thank you to absolutely everyone for being lovely... and reading this gushy post; to those I call my friends thank you so much for getting in touch and for those silent readers (I know you're there, I have google analytics!) I can't wait to get to know you soon!

Ally out! Here's the stuff that made me smile.
 I do Linguistics at uni so I am a total word geek. I thought this was really cool plus I love the cute illustrations! I think I might try and integrate goya and cualacino into my everyday speech.
 I was kind of planning a productive day and then I found a disney princess maker online. Day gone.
 I only discovered Laura's blog Bugs and Fishes a couple of days ago but I am so in love. Her felt creations are just the most perfect things I have ever seen. Her little birds are so beautiful and detailed while still being cute. And she's a fellow Brit!
 Another new discovery to gush over! Veselka's etsy shop, Green Accordion, is just my cup of tea; I found it through her typewriter brooch, which is so stunningly detailed... I am in awe! After staring lovingly at the typewriter a while I then looked into her shop a little more and found this collar. Totally perfection. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say I couldn't think of a collar I'd rather wear.
 I am a complete sucker for a good proposal. This one made me smile. I think in real life he posted them all up on the fridge, which is totally adorable, but how cute would it be to plant these in the little section where you collect your photos, both go in the booth and then when you go to collect your pics...BAM PROPOSAL!
Ever since I was a child I have always wanted a carousel horse in my house. Just to sit on. And read and stuff. I will do it one day but they are surprisingly hard to source, especially pretty ones. Until I find the perfect steed this sculpture by the Brosmind Studio made me giggle.

Welcome to The Magic - A Disneyland Timelapse from Givot on Vimeo.
And finally. A Disneyland video. Have a lovely bank holiday Monday, peeps!

Edit: As of 01/09/13 Google+ comments failed on me and decided to delete all of the lovely comments which had been left on this post. You can view these comments here. I'm so sorry to all of you. I am not a happy bunny about this! 


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