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Why I love videos...


One of my resolutions for the future is to get better at recording videos and to take them more often. I have a reason for this. A while ago I was browsing around the interwebs and I saw that a blogger had made a little video montage of their holiday. They didn't speak or anything; it was just them wondering around and enjoying their days. After watching it I realised that I felt as if I knew them so much better as people than I ever would have from just seeing pictures of them. Then I had a little think and I realised that these little snapshots were what I really wanted to preserve. After all, I'd seen photos of my parents as kids and teenagers but for some reason they just weren't as real and visceral and believable as if they were videos. Videos seem to be unavoidably really and capture little moments which photos just can't. 

And that is why I am sharing this video. It is nothing in particular. Like, at all. It is me and my boyfriend trying to set up a camera so we could record a cinemagraph (this meant we had to stand against a background side by side, look at each other and then look forward again... I'll share the cinemagraphs in a week or so!) and failing and giggling. It's worth isn't really in what it is, it's more in what it shows. I think after watching this video you would probably know us a lot better than if you saw a picture of us. I fully intend to show our kids this one day so they can see us talking and just being and therefore feel like they know us a little better!

Edit: As of 01/09/13 Google+ comments failed on me and decided to delete all of the lovely comments which had been left on this post. You can view these comments here. I'm so sorry to all of you. I am not a happy bunny about this! 

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