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My sickday movie list

I like to think I'm usually pretty good with scheduling posts. I do two DIYs a week- one on Wednesday and one on Saturday and then often have a few posts dotted around the week featuring some sewing or some other lifestyley thing. I also try to stay organised by shooting all the actual making a couple of weeks before the post is due to be published and then I shoot the finished pieces usually that day or a couple of days before just to keep it fresh.

Today, however I am calling all that in. I woke up with the full intention of shooting some finished projects but my face has become crazy swollen (trust me it is adorable, urgh) from being ill so I thought I would give that a miss. I then figured I could probably just style it up really nicely with some props and not have me in it at all but I'm at such low energy right now I thought I might just take a good old fashioned sick day. No editing, no styling, no crafting- just bed. I hope you don't mind. I promise the regular crafting schedule will return next week. As a consolation I thought I would leave you with the perfect sick-day-vegging-in-bed-movie-line-up according to me! Enjoy.
1. The Pixar Story. It's no secret I love Disney and Pixar, they are wonderful. That is a universally agreed thing. I watched this documentary for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I really love it. It's so interesting getting to see how Pixar came to be and the hurdles they have overcome. Also I really love John Lasseter, his positive attitude is so inspiring and his collection of cartoon Hawaiian shirts is to die for. See the trailer here.

2. Lost in Austen. This is not a very well known one but oh my goodness it is amazing. Like seriously the best period drama in the world because it has this total edge of modern humor. It's about a girl who loves Pride and Prejudice and then she finds herself dropped into the Pride and Prejudice world. She can't work out whether she is supposed to be taking Lizzie's place or holding it open for her and so she ends up messing everything up and has to fix the plot. It sounds cheesy but I promise you it is so wonderful! There's a little trailer here and then you can watch the whole thing on youtube!

3. Enchanted. Nuff said. It's happiness and colour distilled right? I love this movie. If I feel a little bit down or a little bit less than me it is the first thing I put on. Here is my favourite scene. I bet you can guess which one it is.

4. Ancient Aliens. As if the others weren't guilty pleasure watching as it is. I love watching this show. You know when you really just need trash telly? There is nothing better than watching a group of 'academics' sou on about ridiculous theories. If you haven't seen it it's really worth a watch. Get a few friends round, get a little bit tipsy and yell at the screen for an hour. A few of our favourites have been. "THE ACIENT EGYPTIANS DIDN'T HAVE LIGHTBULBS!", "THE NAZIS COULDN'T TIME TRAVEL!" and "THAT'S A PEBBLE NOT A SPACESHIP!". I promise you all of these 'issues' do actually arise. Amazing. First episode here.

5. The Muppet Treasure Island. The Muppets is totally my childhood. It's one of those things that really just puts me in a comfy place. But having said that it isn't a total indulgence- having watched this quite recently with some new friends it made me realise how genuinely funny the Muppets (especially classic Muppets) is.

6. Sherlock. I've read most of the Sherlock stories and I love them and it's so cool to watch this series and see all the cheeky little nods to the original books, even if it's just something they have hanging on the wall or the type of watch they wear. There are so many little hidden jokes in this show that it's such a pleasure to watch. So yeah.... it's all about...the stories. Just find them so attractive. (pssst if you haven't watched Sherlock yet start now in time for season 3! I dare you to resist the Cumberbatch bug!)


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