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George's Birthday and MY AMAZING NEW FONDUE SET!

I thought I'd share some snaps from George's birthday weekend since it turned out to be super fly. I've been working pretty hard lately and we're really aware that the next couple of weeks are going to be mental with finishing the house so it was wonderful to have a real weekend off. We started off with a day at home opening presents and playing video games. George is a pretty tradish guy so I wrapped all of his presents in brown paper and string. Also this year he discovered his love for lemurs so I bought him a lemur costume.
The next day we went to Wallingford which is an amazing old village near us full of antiques shops. We found soooo many amazing finds. There is a beautiful shop which just sells silver crockery and it is so fun to explore and imagine covering our table with silver teapots and shrimp forks and finger basins. We also had a look in a record shop and among ironically buying the best of the Eurovision Song Contest, Hello by Lionel Ritchie and a Bananarama record we found this ace record! I shall be hanging it up in the flat as soon as we get there!
We also found a huge collection of old letters and postcards. Some of the stamps were absolutely beautiful but we also found this weird postcard in the romance section. We can't work out at all why this is romantic. Like at all.
The find of the day (week/century) was this wonderful fondue set for £10. It was complete with forks and everything...but the forks are a little bit shabby and weird so we're going to update them a little bit. But the actual pot has me itching for fondue parties! All in all, a weekend well spent!

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