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DIY Ribbon Shoelaces

So earlier this week I made these shoes. It was a real attempt at monochrome, guys I promise. I really tried to be sensible and stick the black and white but I just needed to add a dash of colour! These shoes laces are so easy to make and look so damn professional that people will not be able to tell they're homemade at all. I love those sort of crafts! Also, here is your little fact for the day: the hard part on the end of your lace is called an aglet. You're welcome.

You will need:
Some ribbon (try not to go super thick or you won't be able to make the aglet fit through the eyelet)
Needle and thread
Acrylic paint
1.Take your ribbon and square off the end.
2. Run your needle and thread through the ribbon horizontally in as small stitches as you can.
3. Pull on the end of your thread to bunch it together.
4. Wrap the thread around the end as tight as it will go.
5. Now wrap the end in sellotape to enclose it.
6. To make your laces look really professional you can then pain the sellotape with acrylic paint, allow to dry and then cover again in a single layer of tape. This also has the added bonus of making it really strong! If you're feeling fruity try a contrasting colour at this stage.

To make this look I used two pairs of laces; one pair which was thin for the lacing and then one thicker pair just threaded at the top to make the bow. I think this gives a really balanced look but its pretty fun to experiment with different ribbons and see how they turn out. Try it with lace, glittery and chiffony ribbons for totally different effects!


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