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DIY Papercut Album

Paper cutting is one of those things I was really really reluctant to try. It just looks so masterful, you know? It's hard to approach it without being intimidated by all the wonderful intricate work already out there. However I knew I really really wanted to make a photo album with paper cutting; I think the romance of the silhouettes lends itself really well to the nostalgia of keeping photos. I basically just had to force myself to give it a go. Once I got started I was so pleasantly surprised! Sure, it was fiddly but once I started it was more of a methodical job than anything else. I defiantly recommend you try it for yourself as it is a little easier than expected! And to make it even easier I have provided this pattern so you can make it for yourself! Yay!

This DIY is about so much more than papercutting though! Basically I wanted to share a super easy way to customise a photo album. It always strikes me when I see albums in the shops that they are usually very plain and impersonal designs. That always seems so strange when you're about to stuff them full of really personal pictures which reflect you; surely the album should reflect you too!? With this method you can easily create a fab base for any customisations... but I really do recommend you give papercutting a try!

You will need:
...for the album
Photo Album- you can purchase a great quality photo album from John Lewis
Fabric or paper for covering
Fabric glue
A paint brush
...for the paper cutting
This print out. The image is already flipped so you simply need to print it out, cut the image and then on the non-printed side the image will be clean and unflipped. CLEVER HUH!?
An xacto knife
1. Print out your image and start cutting. Make sure to start on the left side (or the right side if you are a leftie like me!) so that when you progress across the page you won't drag your hand across the cutting.
2. Start by cutting out all of your internal bits first. That means all of the internal bits of the letters and the enclosed bits. Last tip! Always make sure you are always pulling your scalpel towards you rather than pushing the paper up as this make make it rip.
3. Now to start with your album! Take your plain album.
4. Cut out your piece of fabric with a generous border all the way around the edge.
5. Cover your album with fabric glue.
6. Make sure your glue is in a really thin layer so the fabric won't be stained by the glue.
7. Stretch your fabric over the cover making sure there are no creases.
8. When you get to the spine coat it in glue and loosely wrap around. You don't want to stretch it too much as this may not allow to open very well.
9. Wrap it full around the other side.
10. When your glue has dried trim your fabric to a few inches all the way round.
11. Allow all of your glue to dry before wrapping any further.
12. Open up your album and cut lines along the lines of the spine.
13. Coat the middle section in glue.
14. Push this section inside the spine of your album with the end of your paintbrush.
15. Now coat the rest of the border around your album in glue.
16. Wrap the album as if you're wrapping a present and let it dry completely.
17. You will be left with a covered album! Yay!
18. To clean up the inside of your album cut a piece of card which fits on the inside of the front page and glue in.
19. Now take your paper cutting, turn in on the wrong side and very carefully dab on the glue with a paintbrush.
20. Push your papercutting onto your album and allow it dry fully.

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