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DIY Hair bow bun

So this DIY essentially stems out of deep seated jealousy. I spend a lot of time browsing pinterest and staring with awe at how girls manage to twist their hair into all sort of amazing shapes. I am by no means one of those girls. I have two hairstyles; up and down. I am supremely lucky that I have curly hair because otherwise all people would be able to see how little effort I put into my hair (thank you genes!). However! Sometimes, when I am feeling a little bit fancy I pull this style out of the locker. It's quick enough to fix before a lecture and looks pretty cute. So although I will by no means be making beauty DIYs a regular thing, here is a little taster of my morning routine  and a little glimpse into just how easy hair tutorials have to be for me!

You will need:
A hair tie the same colour as your hair
Bobby Pins
Hair spray
1. Let your hair down and brush it out. The more brushed your hair is the neater your bow will end up.
2. Tie you hair up into a pony tail.
3. Now pass the rest of your hair through the band as if you are putting it up into a bun but leave out a tail of hair at the front.
4. Now take the bun you have made and divide it into two sections, push down.
5. Take the tail and wrap it around. Pin the end of the tail to the back of the bun section to secure.
6. Now fiddle with the bow sides until you are happy with how it looks and then sprrraaaaay.

See? I told you it was easy!

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