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DIY Glass Painted Kitten Teacup

I've been wanting to try glass painting for a while. I had tried the sharpie method on ceramics before and was sorry to say it just didn't work for me, so I had little reason to believe that it would work on glass. I pretty much put glass painting on the backburner. But then while I was last in Ikea I found this adorable glass teacup and saucer set, I then found this on pinterest and THEN saw there was a sale on ceramic and glass pens at my local craft store so I thought it was pretty much meant to be. I set out on recreating the cutest project ever. For those of you who haven't tried glass pens before DO IT NOW! THEY ARE SO FUN! I had to confiscate them from myself right after I'd finished for fear that I would decorate every window in the house. It just feels so permanent and looks so professional. I dare you to not get hooked once you try!

You will need:
A glass
Some paper
A regular pen
Blue Tack
Glass/Ceramic paints- I decided to try using both pens and paints for this tutorial as I wanted to try them both out and compare them. The pen was amazing but slightly more cheaper, however was probably worth the extra money as the coverage was excellent. The paint took a few coats and became bubbly quite quickly. It may have simply seemed a little thinner because I was using white and light pink but it did seem to have a thinner consistency.
1. Draw your design onto a piece of paper.
2. Using blue tack attach your paper to the inside of your glass so you can simply trace using the glass paints.
3. Make sure your glass is completely free from grease and dust before painting. Add your first colour, it should be the 'background' colour of your image or the colour that all other colours are layered on top of.
4. Add your other colour and allow them to dry completely before adding other colours. When they are cry outline the nose using your paint pen.
5. Add the mouth using thick strokes.
6. Finally add a few little freckles and lots of lovely whiskers to your kitten.
      Edit: As of 01/09/13 Google+ comments failed on me and decided to delete all of the lovely comments which had been left on this post. You can view these comments here. I'm so sorry to all of you. I am not a happy bunny about this! 

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