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A first look at my room.

Ok....so it's nowhere near done yet and we're nowhere near finished but I just couldn't wait to share a little sneak peek with you guys. We've spent all week painting, drilling, sawing, measuring and grouting and oh my goodness we are knackered! I had no idea how exhausting it was living in an unfinished house. The feel of sawdust under my feet and unpainted walls started to drive me a little insane after a while so as soon as we'd got the bare bones up we decided to come back and spend the rest of our summers in our family homes. Still....it looks so good don't you think!?

This was such an awkward room to work with. It's absolutely huge, I think it possibly used to be the lounge because it is ridiculously huge for a bedroom. It is also square which is always pretty hard to work around and one of the walls is almost entirely covered in huge Georgian windows. I adore it. It's total love. It will be my bedroom, dressing room, workshop, sewing room, study space and so much more and oh my god I can't wait to show you it when it's finished!

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