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The Ukulele Workshop grows up...a bit.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working pretty much full time to update the Ukulele Workshop. My little business grew outside of the set up I had for it so I have been working to secure wholesale suppliers, developing the website and of course adding loads of wonderful new products!
I am also really excited to announce that you can now buy our products from Not On The Highstreet! I was really so honoured to be invited to join this amazing community because I have loved it for ages. You can read our blurb and buy our snazzy new ukuleles here!

Also we now have a snazzy new Ukulele Workshop blog where in the future we will be posting all of our new products, tips and videos (oooooh videos!). It's all very exciting! Over the last week I have also started talking to a number of retailers about the possibility of selling our Ukuleles in shops so keep your eyes peeled!

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