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The Feather Showgirl headdress

To be honest I don't know how I operated in my day to day life without a feather crown. A while back I was  doing a full on browse of Design Love Fest (boy is that blog great, Bri's design aethetic is just flawless) and I saw the Circus performer photo shoot. Amazing. I'm a huge fan of props and theatrical hats anyway but I decided there and there that I needed to make one.
 Forgive me if I don't do a DIY step by step for this but it was so crazily hard. Basically what I did was created a wire frame for the crown and then covered that in felt. I then sprayed the felt silver. I then added a circular cage in the centre of the headpiece for the feather's to go in and supports (you can kind of see in the picture below). I then covered it in glitz and feathers! (ps yay for inconsistent hair colours!)
 Much as I totally adore for DIY projects for this here blog (I really do) it felt kind of nice to do an off the wall project just for me. I think more feather headdresses are in order.

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