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That Dinosaur bag and head-to-toe Lazy Oaf

So about three years ago I saw the Giles Deacon dinosaur bag and completely fell in love. I mean totally head over heels. I looked into buying this precious number and soon realised it would be out of my price range to the tune of a few thousand. I totally gave up. UNTIL! A trip to the Jurassic Park gift shop in Universal studies where I found the perfect little dinosaur toy. I bought him up and after a little bit of crafting he is now a gorgeous handbag! I will be sharing the entire tutorial on Thursday but I warn you it is reeeeally long so I thought a nice picture heavy post was in order before then. I can't wait to show you!
I would also like to point out how much I am in love with my new Lazy Oaf outfit. I have been buying Lazy Oaf for years and years now. Like seriously! I used to save my pocket money up to buy all their stuff. I used to get yelled at at school for being too casual (WAAHH?! Hamburger jumpers are smart!), I used to cover my folders with their stickers. I just have so much affection for this brand; they fit so wonderfully with my dream to live in a cartooney world. But the most important thing is how wonderfully it seems to  match a gold dinosaur handbag.

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