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July Round Up

One thing I really appreciate about blogging is it really organises my time. If I have to schedule myself then I have a real awareness of days and weeks and so on which is quite hard to maintain if you work from home. Having said that I have absolutely no idea where July has gone; it completely flew by at the speed of light. Doing these round up posts usually keep me pretty much in check for remembering when everything was but putting together this one I felt like I was constantly going "THAT WAS THIS MONTH!?". I clearly have no awareness of time.
July was my real holiday month though, I suppose that's why it's seemed to fly by so quickly. I'm really excited about the next few coming months though, like seriously seriously. It is George's birthday tomorrow so we're looking forward to an early weekend and a good few weeks of little celebrations. Then a week later we're taking a trip up to Edinburgh to take a look at what else needs to be done on the house; I'm so excited because I haven't seen it in months and I'm so excited to move in. Waaah! Exciting things, people!
 I shared a little look at my newly tidied room. (It's messy again now)
We went to the Henley regatta and got all fancied up.
 I made a pineapple lamp and a feather headdress. It was a very practical month evidently.
 I made a Mickey Mouse cake stand and a Planet necklace.
 I did a guest post for StudioDIY and Paper&Stitch. This was seriously the highlight of my month/year. I love these ladies. I have been in awe of everything that Kelly has done for absolutely ages so being able to work with her just makes me smile so much. I discovered Brittni's blog early on this year and ever since then I have been completely hooked. They were both so high up on my aspirations list and I didn't think I'd achieve them for years so I feel like a very lucky girly.
 I also shared some more handmade clothes. Here's a DIY of how to make a wicked cool glitter blazer. And I also shared my toucan dress (you guys' comments were sooo lovely, I need to share more of my home-made clothes for sure).
 The Ukulele Workshop became a partner of Not On The Highstreet.
I did a little revamp of some pineapple flasks.
I visited Norway for the first time! And I revamped my about me section a little bit. Yay!

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