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Henley Regatta

Yesterday me, George and some of our friends took a trip to the Henley regatta. It's a place to celebrate toffs, Pimms and rowing (in that order). We got all fancied up in our blazers and headed out into the amazingly beautiful sunshine to watch the races.
George and our friends all row for Durham colleges and so they were pretty much in their element as far as watching the races. I, although I am an extremely supportive and lovely girlfriend of course, know absolutely nothing about rowing so I concentrated instead on blazer watch. There were some corkers. Also someone won some race. I couldn't tell you who.
When we weren't watching the races we looked around the shopping tents, ate ice cream, drank pimms and generally enjoyed the sunshine. Oh and the glitter blazer I'm wearing will be featured in a DIY series that's coming up so stay tuned!

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