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DIY Pineapple flask revamp

So the bloggosphere universally agrees that pineapples are great, right? Right. When I was planning my pineapple lamp I pretty much had pineapples on the brain and so when I saw these flasks in Dollar tree I was delighted. I then took them home only to be told they were tacky and so I decided to do a little revamp mission. I agree that spray painting something gold does not necessarily make it less tacky but it makes it oh so fabulous!

PS My dress is from ASOS. It is the cutest.

You will need:
Some tacky flasks! (find them in dollar tree specifically but I've seen them around in other stores in the general cheap luau section.
White paint
Gold Spray paint
Yellow paint
A paintbrush
Masking tape
1. Take your bottle and remove any bits you don't want to be painted. 
2. Paint the entirety of your bottle in white. This gives a nice surface for the spray to adhere to. 
3. Mask the opening and the screwthread of your bottle. 
4. Spray your bottle gold! Yeah!
5. Now with very little yellow paint on your paint brush paint your bottle. 
6. You're aiming for a lovely tarnished brushed effect. 

And yay! Your flasks now look slightly more expensive than a dollar!


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