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DIY Glitter Blazer

For a while now I've been planning to do a mini series on several ways you can snazz up a basic blazer. Although blazers are usually associated with a little bit colder weather I think they are perfect for summer evening events when you just need an extra layer. I wore this glitter blazer to the Henley regatta and got so many people asking me where it was from! It's a little bit of gameshow-host-chic but subtle enough not to be utterly ridiculous.

You will need:
A basic blazer (I bought mine from Primark!)
Some masking tape
Gold fabric paint
Fabric glue which dries clear
Gold Glitter
Glitter glue
1. First lay you blazer completely flat and measure where you want you line to go.
2. Mark out your line using masking tape. Now try on your blazer to check the symmetry is perfect. Although measuring things with a ruler is often a great way to start as a rule I always correct by eye. A great test is to look at something in the mirror; reversing an image will always show its faults!
3. Using the same method of measuring and then trying on, mask of the sleeves and the back as well.
4. The great thing about this blazer is how sharp the line is, and that illusion will completely disappear if you spill paint on the lower part of the blazer so cover everything that you don't want to be gold with newspaper and tape it down.
5. Now paint your blazer with the gold paint. It should need about two coats. It will look like one of those living statues, you have been warned!
6. Now remove your tape and fill in any faults.
7. Now work on filling in the pieces that were covered up like the edges and the undersides of the lapels. Once this is done iron your jacket to set and soften up the paint.
8. Now mix up your glitter concoction. I mixed about a table spoon of fabric glue with a table spoon of glitter glue and then added a tonne of glitter. Then simply paint your glitter on.

If your blazer feels a little stiff after the glitter process give it another iron and it should soften up.
I am so happy with my new blazer, I just wish it had been my school uniform. No one would do badly at that school.

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