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(very) early party planning

I turn 20 in November. Yes November.
It is forever away but I like to plan parties early, and with good reason. At the end of August we're moving into our new house which needs a tonne of work and so party planning is most likely going to be put to the back burner for a little while and in the mean time I have two major parties to plan.

This year it is my 20th but also me and George's five year anniversary and we are planning a huge party for all our friends. I also take twenty much more seriously than twenty one; I vividly remember laying in bed when I was six and daydreaming about turning twenty one day and just the extreme importance of that age. I take my childhood self extremely seriously and so I need to honour this momentous occasion in a big way. Anniversary preparations started a little while ago but birthday prep started officially this weekend and like all self-respecting bloggers I started with lists and pin boards. I thought I'd share some of my ideas and pins with you.

1. I'm going to need a pretty awesome dress for my most awesome party yet. I'm going to  make something a little like this but in bright bright yellow. (some people described this as yellow on pinterest, I think this is lime green, don't you?)
2. My main theme, expense and joy for the party is going to be balloons. Seriously. There are going to be balloons EVERYWHERE. A lot of people take this sentence lightly. You mustn't. I'm ordering thousands and investing in a machine to inflate them. I'm seriously serious.
3. I recently found a wonderful company online that sells all kinds of cocktail glass shapes in plastic disposable variety. I am excited.
4. I'm still deciding on the whole food conundrum. Cake? Stack of cupcakes? Brownies? Donuts???
5. I adore this shop. It's just the best and I'm finding so much inspiration from their products.
6. I'm planning to make party hats for invites. I can't wait!

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