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The Lobster Dress

 Today I wore one of my favourite dresses; my lobster dress. I made this dress a couple of months ago but I've kind of been tweaking it ever since. I never quite got the darts on the bust right; I adapted my pattern from another dress I'd made and for whatever reason when I made this dress up the darts looked kind of weird and pointy- not a brilliant look.

Since then I put a horizontal dart across the bust containing the weird nipple darts I had somehow managed to create and now it fits perfectly. The only thing which is slightly annoying is that the Lobsters on the chest are now a bit dissected but ah well at least it fits now! Hooray for random adjustments!
I hand painted the fabric using a stencil and then fixing any blemishes or rough areas with a paint brush. To be honest I'm really not sure why I wanted a lobster print but I really really did. It's such a cool striking print and it looks so great with red or light blue tights. I love it. The other really cool thing is this dress has pockets, dresses with pockets are the absolute best. Seeing as I make a large majority of my dresses I really should try and make more pockets but I'm always so impatient to finish that I hardly ever manage to put them in. Also putting in pockets can be sort of a pain; I think when I've perfected a technique I will have to make a tutorial.
Have a lovely day everyone!

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