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The Florida Aquarium

We've been pretty unlucky with the weather this week seeing as tropical storm Andrea has well and truly hit Tampa. We yesterday that the day was pretty much a write off as far as the rain went and so decided to pay a visit to the Florida aquarium and do some shopping. I thought I would split the aquarium into two posts- first a post of silly holiday pictures and then a nice blog worthy design post. So you're now looking at the cheesy post, you lucky things!
We were pretty impressed with the aquarium; there was a tonne of stuff to do. There were touching pools where you could feel the sticky coral reefs and anemones and these beautiful starfish. The stars of the show were definitely the otters though. Those guys are beautiful (and sadly too fast to photograph well).
We also decided that we would try and take as many pictures of us being fish as possible. This is George being the base of a stingray.
And both of us being this monster of a fish. Fish shouldn't be that big. Eeek.
There was also a gigantic shark tank at the aquarium and we saw the very best thing you can hope to see from a shark tank; a shark fight! Basically one of the smaller sharks seemed to be getting a little bit bolshy and started getting in a bit of a tiff with the big guy of the tank. After a bit of pushy and barging about the big shark just turned around and gave the little one a bite. It was craaaazy! There was a thrashing and it was soooo dramatic. The little shark was ok though, he just have some scrapes out of him. Sadly we didn't get any photos of the actual fight so I recreated it in the gift shop.
All clear on what happened? Cool.

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