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The Candy Cauldron

I'm already like a kid in a sweet shop when I'm in Disneyland so I cannot eve begin to explain how excited I was when we visited the Disney sweetshop 'The Candy Cauldron' in Downtown Disney.
Reaction shot! Me and George went on a date to the cinema the evening before (Great Gatsby, Second time, Still great) and walked past this amazing window full of Disney candy apples. We were running late for the film so we only had time to snap a couple of pics and move on but we decided that we would return the following day.
And we did! And I became totally totally enchanted by these mickey mouse toffee apples. Like seriously, the amount of pictures I am about to share with you may allude to just how enchanted I was.
 The really cool thing about the Candy Cauldron is that you can see them making all the treats! I love open kitchens, I think partly just because I'm really nosy and like watching people work, but also because you can learn little secrets. Like the shot above totally explains how they make the mickey apples! Don't think for a second that there won't be a DIY on these in the future...BECAUSE THERE WILL. (I'm getting Disney excited again.)
After ages of looking around (seriously, so long, George is so patient) I decided to buy a Mickey and Minnie cookie. Are they not the most adorable things ever? I also wanted to get an Ariel cookie but George rightfully pointed out she was looking a little alluring for a Disney cookie so I steared clear. Ariel, you crazy minx you.

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