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oooo someone's got lilac hair!

I tried pink hair a while back and for ages I've been itching to try a new pastel colour. I wanted to try turquoise but I have a feeling that the second that starts to fade it will look incredibly wishy washy. Anyway I decided to go for purple and I looove it. I look like a young Dame Edna.

I thought I would share some tips and tricks to dying because there really weren't that many instructions and I had to try a couple of times before I got it right.
I used La Riche Directions hair dye in Lilac. I love this brand because it's semi permanent and it's conditioning. This means that it isn't going to wreck your hair and also it washes out quite quickly. Some people may not like this but I lie being able to try things for a little while without them being permanent.

On the Directions website it recommends that one pot will cover a shoulder length head of hair. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! I'm not quite sure why they'd say it actually as it cuts down on their sales. I used two originally and my hair looked decidedly weak and grey rather than lilac. I then went over it with another pot but the back is still less than vibrant so I would probably recommend using four pots for even coverage.
To apply the dye I used my fingers (you should use a tint brush but ahhh well) to rub the dye into the roots and then work it down the entire length of hair. Then you will need to comb the dye until it begins to froth a little. Apparently the frothing tells you that the dye has been activated and can start its work.
When you're done combing bundle your hair under a towel and play the waiting game. The pot recommends you wait 15 minutes. I think this is another gross understatement. The first dye I waited and hour and, like I said before the results looked sooo faded. The second time I left the dye in for about four and a half hours which was a lot better. So if you can just bung it in and then get on with your day.
Finally just wash it out and you're done! Although dying my hair twice was a little bit of a hassle it was good in some ways because it meant that on the second time around I could concentrate the dye on the less vibrant areas rather than just wasting dye on putting it everywhere. It's still a little patchy but I think it works. I'm a fan.

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