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May round up

Oh me oh my May has gone on forever! I suppose that makes sense though seeing as May was the month when I had to do all of my exams (and the majority of my studying if truth be told). It feels odd to be on the other side of exams now and knowing that I have such a cool summer ahead of me! Tomorrow me, George and the parents are going to Florida which we are beyond excited about, after that I have a week in Durham seeing all my lovely friends up there and then after a jaunt at home messing around (and actually working on a really cool thing for the ukulele workshop...shhhh secrets!!!) me and Beaton are off to Norway to see Thomas, Kamilla and Nikita. Ahhh it's going to be ace. And then of course there's the house renovations, oh the house, don't even get me started.

Anyway! On with May!
I celebrated Beltaine with this cute mini bonfire DIY.
I made a floral felt headband.
 I shared my love of wigs!
And showed you the balloon party I threw for my Dad. And also shared the DIY here.
 We finally climbed Arthur's seat!
Also I made a cute cherry cardigan. I prefer the cardigan to the hill.
 I showed you how to turn a necklace into a headband.
And shared some very important advice on bubble mixture.
 We started house renovations! I shared painting my room from red to white.
We did our first house Ikea trip!
I started sharing more of my sewing projects too. Here is my toucan skirt.
I also showed how to make floral sunglasses!

I also finished my first year of uni. Oh and I heard yesterday that I passed so that's a bonus too! Bring on the summer!

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