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June Round Up

June was such an amazing month- we went to Florida! I spent a lot of time in Florida when I was a kid and hen I remember my childhood it is just Florida. For this reason it meant so much to me that George was finally able to come out and spend time there. It was so odd being with someone for so long and yet having a really pivotal part of your life which you just could relate to. It was so amazing to get to share everything with him and is so lovely to know that he now shares all those reference points (getting a bit soppy aren't I?). I still have loads of posts to share with you guys- Universal! Harry Potter Land! My adventures in Dollar Tree! Oooh! Aaah!

Ever since we got back it's been pretty much work work work. This week I have had a crazy push to get loads done; it's been as boring as hell but boy have I accomplished a lot. I will be sharing a room tour with you next week as well as some more organisation posts (they're more exciting than they sound) and some new exciting products in the shop.
Oh also June is my Mum's birthday month. It got kind of swept under the rug because we flew back on that day so I couldn't treat it with the aplomb I like to dedicate to birthdays. However my amazing brother stepped up to the plate and made this amazing birthday cake which I just had to share with you. It is a chocolate ganache elephant in a strawberry field. So much love.
To welcome in Summer I made these sunglasses (featured in Marie Claire France!!!!)
I hacked these Dollar tree straws into stylish party accessories.
We visited the cracked barrel.
AND Ghiradelli's ice cream parlor. (We're on diets now!)
And went on my favourite ride- the Haunted Mansion!
I also discovered a new Disney favourite- the Candy Cauldron!
And I shared how I organise my computer and my life in general using Sticky Notes.
I also started sharing my sewing with you. The Lobster dress and my Mickey Mouse pinafore.
I also dyed my hair Lilac!
And I started a new series- Pinspiration. My first Pinspiration was this star crown.
Cheers June, you were the best!

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