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How I organise my life with Sticky Notes.

This week I have been having a 'get all the boring stuff done' week. It's been dull to the extreme just tidying up and finishing off projects and working on never ending graphic design tasks but it has really got me thinking about how I organise myself. Like all bloggers I love making lists. I need a list to keep me on track otherwise I'll just run around drawing unicorns all day. However, as much as I want to a paper list sort of girl with post it notes everywhere and nicely coloured stationary, I'm just not. I lose lists like crazy, I find it annoying when they're not with me and I always forget to cross stuff off them. Until a couple of weeks ago I had been using my phone to make lists but it's not quite the same if you have to open an app to see what you have to do.

Then a couple of weeks ago I got a new laptop and loaded onto it was Sticky Notes. At first I just used them to write down email addresses temporarily when I could't copy and paste or quickly jot down notes but then I realised I could make a whole desktop background organiser with them! I seriously use this every day, it is so useful when you work on a computer just to be able to go to the desktop and see what you have to do. And best of all is you can move them around and delete them when you finish a task! Yay!
To make your background open up a new document in photoshop. The regular sizing for a desktop background is now 1024x768 but there are other sizes so check on you computer first.
Now you need to make your columns. I decided I needed five columns for work (for school), things the make, blog scheduling, things and orders I have to do for the shop, general life and then a "..." category for anything which doesn't quite fit into the others. However these won't apply to everyone so make those which suit you best.
Now save your file when you're done and right click on the file to set it as you background.
So you'll end up with a background image a little bit like this. A good thing to note is to make one of your columns a little bit shorter than the others to allow for some items like the recycle bin. Now download sticky notes.. I got mine with the computer but I'm pretty certain you can download it here
. Now just fill up your categories with your things to do! I love this system for a few reasons. Firstly when you turn off you computer the sticky notes automatically save and so you can just open the file right up again when you power on and they're all there in the right places. Secondly, sticky notes runs as a program and so exists on top of your background. This means that you don't have to open up a program and edit anything to simply delete or change a note, you can just go ahead and do it. Thirdly, I just love having a list that I can always access on my computer without having to open anything up.

I hope you guys try this! It's really changed the way I organise myself.
This post was not sponsored by sticky notes. I just really love the product. 

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