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Ghirardelli's Ice Cream Parlor

 It is impossible to walk past Ghirardelli's without stopping in for a sundae; the smell of amazingly rich chocolate is just so overpowering. It was so lovely to be able to visit this place again; when me and George were talking about our things-we're-excited-about Ghirarelli's was pretty far up.
I think the thing I really love about finding cute little places is when the environment matches the product. I just love the decor in this place; it's got a dignified history to show with all its murals and branding but at the same time its got the humour that an ice cream parlour should have. I just love the fact that it has the big chocolate pipes hanging from the ceiling!
We bought a banana split sundae and a rocky road sundae. Sooo Yummy! I always make sure I never buy glace cherries at the shops because I love them so damn much. They would literally all be gone in an hour. Damn you, yummy cherries.

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