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Eight hour flights and Dragon Origami

So we've arrived in Florida and it's safe to say we're pretty excited! This is our lovely snap from our flight, there were quite a few to choose from; each ranging from manically excited to frustratingly tired. Eight hours is a looooong time. But actually it wasn't too bad. Flying regularly from Edinburgh to home I've got used to flying on budget airlines which are pretty rubbish; the seats are tiny the food is expensive and awful and it's generally not too nice an experience. 

For this loooong haul we shelled out for Virgin and it was great. The seats were big enough to curl up in and the food was fab. I even had some cocktails which George wasn't too happy about because they made me annoying and excitable. But yeah it was pretty cool. 
We also discovered that Origami is a pretty cool way to pass the time. We mourned missing game of thrones by making a dragon army... oh had we not told you we were cool before?

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